Hey man – you done good! Early results show we killed it and far exceeded our goal — will probably net north of $225k! Netted $145 last year! Good work buddy boy!


James A. Floros

President/CEO, San Diego Food Bank

Russ Stolnack is one of just a few auctioneers who captivates a crowd and gets them more engaged, more involved and brings YOU more money.


He is an entertainer. Award winning speaker, voice actor, and money talk show host, Russ has experience. As an active partner of Russ Stolnack brings vast auction acumen and unique qualifications to Benefit Auctions.

Partial Client List

What a night! Loved, loved working with you this year and seeing the magic happen! People are saying this was our best event yet and are totally raving about you. I so appreciated the time you took before the event.

Katie Scoog

Executive Director, Tiba Foundation